[Solo Trip in New Zealand] watching sunset in Silo Park/Auckland city center 
Silo Park是在Quay Street碼頭左邊一直走下去,從市中心出發走大概10分鐘就到唷。這個園區是當地政府推動的悠閒區,碼頭旁有一些讓小孩玩的設施(打卡的好地方!)、餐廳Cafe (一個人來的某人默默走過)以及一些特色小店。
Silo Park is located next to Quay street, it takes only 10 minutes walk from the city center. It was renovated for encouraging people having leisure time here. There are quite a few restaurants, facilities for children... 
Like the locals, I’m coming for a walk (hopefully my face could look smaller after the journey haha)
Quay street這邊滿多吃的
A few restaurants and ice cream shops along the port!
一路走走走會先經過Maritime museum (遊客入場費要NZ20),再走一陣子就要過一個橋
Keep walking straight and you will reach the maritime museum. You have to walk across the bridge after a while
然後就是Silo Park園區唷
And here comes with the silo park
Some “cool pictures” there
I looks so dark hahah
It’s the industrial area on the another side of Auckland 
Now I believe every photo with sunsets would look stunning 
(Its around 4-5pm if you visited NZ at July)
And many restaurants nearby, I didnt take a photo of them because I didn’t visit one hahaha 
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